Lifestyle sessions are a more documentary/photojournalistic style of family photography. In my own life I am drawn to the images created from a simple, normal day. The magical little moments – the milestones that are passed in the blink of an eye… These are truly family memories. It’s amazing the emotional connection that we have to these, as parents, when looking back. These images tell as story. The story of our lives.

'Day in the life' sessions are me, spending the day with you – hanging out while you do the types of things you normally do – wake up, make breakfast, hit the grocery store, watch movies, play games… do all the little, normal, every day things that you do.

I’ll be there to capture your story. All day in the life sessions include a gorgeous 10×10 album of your images. Because the story of your family needs a book of course!

My calendar is normally booked out about 1-2 months in advance (but can be more during peak times like September). So getting a spot on the calendar is very important!

NOTE - I will not reserve dates until you have filled out my online questionaire - or had an initial in person consultation. In order to determine the details of your session, this is a must!

I do not book Saturday or Sunday sessions. Evenings are available during summer months, but in winter outdoor sessions are limited to daylight hours (which can be early especially in December!) The only exceptions to this are Day in the Life sessions - which are, ideally, done on the weekends!

Birth photography services are on call and obviously will be photographed at any day/time.

A $200 deposit is required to hold your session date and time.

Some session includes are specific to the session, however, in general, all full sessions include:

  • $150 credit toward boutique products
  • The best images of your session, retouched for presentation, in an online password protected gallery
  • The images from your gallery optimized for web and watermarked for sharing online

Additionally, every session is pre-planned with you. We will discuss ahead of time your image goals, and if time allows, meet in person. We will discuss wardrobe and prop options, activities and shoot location, colors, and the overall feel of the session.

I am not a one size fits all photographer. Every session is special and one of a kind!

After your session, you can expect a few preview images to be placed online (Facebook or blog) within 2 days - provided you wish for them to be public!

Full sessions post processing will be done within 2-3 weeks (2 weeks normally but during busy periods like Christmas it can take up to 3 weeks)

Images are culled, and MINIMALLY retouched for presentation. This includes color correction, cropping, straightening and basic edits.

When your gallery is ready, you will be contacted to schedule the Go-Live date! At go-live your password and logon info will be supplied, and will be online for 48 hours.

Images selected for print will be fully hand retouched to perfection before submission. This includes removal of blemishes of all sorts (skin, hair, fuzz, dust...)

YES! Please share your images! The best compliment you can pay me is to love and share your images with everyone! My business is also largely based on referrals, so sharing your images with friends is great for me! (See the section on referral credits!)

I would also love it if you provide a link to my website so that if your friends love the images they know how to find me!

However, due to issues of image and copyright theft I do require that when posting images online you use only the watermarked copies provided


Every friend you refer that books a session with your name earns you a $100 product credit to use with your next session. In addition, with every product order, you'll recieve a referal gift certificate - to give a friend a $100 product credit as well!

I have photographed my share of weddings, and they are beautiful, joyful events! But as a good artist, I have realized that my passion and talents lie in other areas. Rather than attempt to be halfway good at everything, I am focused on the areas where I thrive.

But the good news is, I have partnered with some AMAZING wedding photographers who can provide this service to you! Check out Shalem Kitter at

Shalem Photography

Boutique products are custom made, high quality products that are produced with your images.

DSY Photography is pleased to offer a wide range of boutique products from companies like The Organic Bloom, Millers Custom Photo Lab and American Color Imaging.

All my products are heirloom and archival quality - to last for generations without warping or discoloration.

Check out the boutique gallery page for more info!

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